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Different result between BT and Measure result. Why?



There I create a BT and filter by application.

My objetive was get all failed transaction for my Application.

Then I compare the results in 2 dashboards.

1 - chart have my custom BT filter By app XXX and select the option "Failed transaction percentage" .

2 - chart have a measure "Failed Transaction" and I filter by dashlet properties and filter by appliction XX.

But the results are different why?

Thanks!!! Alex.




Do you have same resolution in both charts? Did you checked you dashboard/dashlet filters? How's your application defined ? How's your measure failed transaction percentage defined?


- Resolution is the same (default 1 minute).

- Dashlet filter: both dashboards filter by the same App.

Application defined:

and the both measures.


I think this is ok because you are defining Source Measure of a particular Web Request but in 3rd screenshot you are keeping it blank. So in this case the Failed Transaction dashboard data will differ as it will show all error detected in purepaths as for BT dashboard it will only detect the errors when filtering the Web request.


Have you tried to look at associated Purepaths? Your BT metric will count the PP that failed (red icon) while the other one is the PP for your application that had an error (oramge or red icon, not necessarily failed)

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you post the actual system profile application definition which is used for the mapping of that application:

If you're using something like auto detected ones it may be a different criteria being used to define the application and filtering the application in the BT.


The first Chart have an "Application filter" this application is an auto-detect application.

The second chart have a filter "By uri" the uri is "contains EscritoriosAtyrWeb" the uri is the same that the auto-detect application


If I compare My "BT Failed Transaction" PP with a chart its ok.

But when I use the measure "Failed Transaction" and filter by the same app the results are different.


The charts still differents 😞

How I can get the failed transactions for a specific app?

Can you check my previous comment? Is this an auto-detected application you're using or did you create one manually in the applications settings of the system profile. To start with you need to confirm that both the application and your measure are looking at the same thing.

Sorry I answer your question in the previous comment, thanks!!!!

If you can I think I would open a case with support, there probably is a logical explanation for this but I can't think of anything that can be tested and they may be able to provide a more detailed explanation (which I would also be interested in).


@Alexander W.

you can define URI filter for that specific application also.

Hi Taneshaa the uri in the two charts are the same!

contains: "EscritoriosAtyrWeb".