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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Disconnected transaction flow


Hi All,

So there are three components, the PrestoWebServer(Apache), the which acts like a LB service on the webserver, and the backend Preso-Api(Tomcat). The transaction flow should be showing the PrestoWebServer hitting the then going into the Presto-Api. However, as seen in the transaction flow attached it is coming in as a new web request to the Presto-Api. One idea, was that the did something with the dynatrace headers, however, that needs to be investigated. I just wanted to see if there are any other possibilities which could cause this. I have also attached a session file to this post, if anyone can help out that would be great.





Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


I looked at your session. Just to confirm one thing. The first line Apache (PrestoWebServer) is also the same Apache instance that acts as a load balancer - is this correct? I assume thats what it is.

Looking at the PurePaths it looks like an HTTP Tag is actually making its way to Presto-API. But - the PurePaths are not stitched together. Is it possible that there is another component between your Web Server and your API Server that is also instrumented with Dynatrace but that agent is not reporting to that same Dynatrace Server or System PRofile?


I was told there isn't anything between the web server and the api server .