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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Disk Details are missing in Incident email alert for Disk Storage Utilization Measure


I have created an incident rule for Disk Storage Utilization Measure with specific threshold value. The incident rule is configured to send an email alert when threshold is breached. It is working as expected except the details which comes in the email alert have a very generic message. It doesn't tell me which disk is having the issue:

Disk Storage Utilization: Host-Agent@servername: Was 91.19 % but should be lower than 90.00 %.

The above email alert just tells me which server has the disk issue but doesn't tell which disk. Although when I check the Incidents details on Dynatrace client, it does show me disk details. What else I can do to make sure email alert also have disk details?



i think Dynatrace alerts wont tell about the disk name and what all are the folders in the disk. it will simply creates alerts. then if any disk partition is there in the disk also, it wont tell.