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Disk Space Used Dashboard Creation


Hi All,

I have created the incident alert by creating the incident rule by creating the measure disk space

It is saying less than 20% disk space available for the xxx server.

.But when I create in dashboard using the same measure

Not getting the expected value as 79% available in host.

Can you please tell me how to configure in dashboards.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

What is the resolution of your chart? I would ensure that you are looking at a 10 second resolution.

Hi Kyle,

Yes,I am seeing 10s resolution.

Changing the resolution will help in getting expectd dashboard.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M

If that is the case, the next thing I would look at is adding a filter on the dashlet and look for only the host you are seeing an issue with. There may be something funny with measures from different host effecting the outcome.