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Display average and total response time of the web services under a web request


Could you please help on the below requirement?

We have a requirement to display average and total response time of the web services under a webrequest

Below is the scenario

In a insurance application, we need the response time from login page till the landing page (all the services between the login and landing page)

Eg., login page(Credentials)-->main page(information related to application).

In the above case we need to get the response time from login till main page (main page is the landing page).

Response time of all the services that are executed during the loading of login page till the landing page.

Kindly give the steps to get the graph on above requirement.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Create a BT based on a click on login action (may need some additional filters to ensure just the flow you are looking for), and add web service time as a calculated results with aggregations avg and sum (this will give you the average service time for all service calls and the total amount of time for all service calls). This should get you what you need.


Thank you Kyle..for I need to get total time of execution of 2 web requests in between some web services are running...

Can you please elaborate on this to get total response of two we request at a time


Hi Kyle

Thank you

As per my understanding

step 1: need to create BT on login action (Please clarify if this should be from user visits ?)

step 2: web service time -- Here, we need to get the average time of all the web services that are processed between the login page and the landing page. So, could you please clarify how to create the measure for web service time?


Step 1: What ever gets you the specific value for this. I would look at using a Purepath or User Action BT. You can create a measure by right clicking the user action in the contents of a visit and create a measure from there

Step 2: As stated above this will need to be calculated on the different aggregations. For creating the measure go into your System Profile -> Measures -> Create New measure and search for Web Service and that should indicate what you need.