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Displayed items limit for bar charts


Hi there,

Is there any way to set the 'Displayed items limit' on Bar or Line charts, similar to the option for Pie charts?

This is for web dashboards, running on AppMon 7.0


Hi Cam,

no, but you can still select the intended amount of splittings in the edit measure dialog while configuring the chart. Per default we chart 20 splittings.


Thanks Peter, The issue I have with splittings is that the requirement is for 'Top 10', regardless of specific split value (while still retaining a display limit on the the chart). You wouldn't happen to know if this is possible in Dynatrace (i.e. Dynatrace Managed?).

HI Cam,

in Dynatrace we chart 15 splittings per metric. So charting Host CPU utilization will give you a bar chart with the 15 hosts with the highest CPU util in the selected timeframe.

there is no "TOP X" functionality yet, however the filtering is powerful due to the fact that it is based on tagging for all monitored entities (hosts, processes, services,...)


Thank you very much for the details Peter, this is most helpful.