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Displaying no measurements available for selected timeframe in dashboard!


no-measurements-in-dashboard.pngHi everyone,

I need to create three measure in a BT. I did look into purepaths(Diagnose User Exp-->user action purepaths) of transactions for 'pay-bill', 'guest pay' and 'click on make a payment'. I created a measure for each of them as "Count" under select metric-->User actions-->page actions-->Count. Now created a BT adding all these measures into it and changing aggreagation as count. But when I import this BT into a dashboard I don't see any data displaying in dashboard.

Please help me.



Hello Rajanikanth,

Did you define a upper severe value as 1 for each created measure, if you are filtering these measures?

Did you try to put in the Calculate Results and change the aggregation as count?




Hi Rajanikanth,

It sounds like you're trying to calculate 3 different things that users can do within your application. This would mean that you'd either need to create 3 BTs (each one with a different filter), or if the user actions are basically identical, but there's some data which differentiates between the different payment methods, you may be able to use a splitting.

I'd suggest creating 3 BTs using your different measures as filters. Make sure that you have set your threshold to 1 for your measures (the aggregation doesn't make a huge difference in this situation, the default of last is fine).

After that, you should be able to add the "user action count" or "count" measures to your chart (depending on the type of BT you made) to display how many times those different actions occurred.

Creating a BT in this way also generates user action response time and failure rates for you. If you don't care about any of that information, it may only be necessary to chart your original measures, just make sure you set the aggregation on your chart appropriately (count or sum should give you what you want).


That completely clears my doubt thank you very much for clearing confusion. I created three new BT for each URL and included them in a dashboard and it is working cool. But I have another small question. When I include BT in dashboard as dashlets I am seeing those BT with different y-axis values. Can I use same fixed values for all BT dashlets?

Hi Rajanikanth,

You have two options for this, you can either:

  • Put all 3 measures on the same chart, then change the display to split by measure (the 2nd last button in the top right corner of the dashlet); or,
  • Keep the 3 charts separate and manually set your y-axis bounds by editing the dashlet properties (right click on the tab heading and choose the last option), going to the axis tab, checking the pin axis option and adding your upper and lower bounds

I prefer the first option because it's easier to maintain, but you should use whatever is appropriate for your dashboard.