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Distinguish dynatrace "use"


we have 2 App Mon servers , one dedicated for performance, in a dedicated environmnent and another one dedicated for production.

Is there a way to have two different shortcut one to launch AppMon with Performance config

(appmon server ip, login/pwd...) and another one to launch AppMon with Production config (appmon server ip, login/pwd...).

Furthermore is it possible to start AppMon for production environmnent in dark mode to distinguish it from App Mon for performance environment?




If you are talking about the java rich client, you can connect both both servers in one client, so you don't have to use two client instances!

If you wan't to use a separate client instance for each server, you could either use the webstart client, or a portable version for each server, with the corresponding settings configured in each instance.

You can't start the client in Dark Mode though, as the dark mode is only attached to specific dashboards, not the whole client.

Yes I'm talking about rich client,

in fact version in production and performance are not the same (7.0 and 6.5) so I can't have one client for both.

If you have different version you could also use two installed clients. But the two options mentioned above (Webstart or two portable clients) would both work aswell.