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Do I need to create single Agent Group for (say 7) windows services (not web services) or separate agent group for each windows service in Dynatrace AppMon?



As we already know that we create separate agent groups for different web services which are using distinct Application Pools.

Question is - For Windows services (not a Web Service), how can we know that we need to create single or separate agent group for each windows service as their will be no Application Pool in this case.

Waiting for your opinion on this.

Thanks and regards,

Mohammad Ehteshaam


In general good practice is to have separate AgentGroup for each proces of particular type. This is because, sensor rules and other configurations are made on Agent Group level. You can combine even 100 processes in single agent group if they are the same process but different instance (same code, same configuration in Appmon).


Thank you Sebastian for clearing my confusion. I got it.

Thanks again!