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Do We have Agentless Monitoring In AppMon same as Like Dynatrace Saas..?


Do We have Agentless Monitoring In AppMon same as Like Dynatrace Saas..? If

Very New To Dynatrace...Help Me with patience please

Any Help would be Appreciated



Yes, you can do the same in appmon, with UEM!

You have to inject the Javascript code manually, you can generate it in the System Profile under User Experience. Just click the REST API link under Manual injection :

But you have to make a view specific settings first:

If you can't install the web server agent on your server that is delivering the web page, you need another web server that can accept the monitoring data send by the UEM Javascript.

For example you can install an Apache on any machine, you just have to make sure that it is reachable from the clients injected with the Javascript code.

You install the web server agent for that apache, the UEM Javascript can then send the Monitoring data to the /dynaTraceMonitor endpoint on that web server.

Here is how you tell UEM to send the Monitoring Data to another Server:

Go to the System Profile -> User Experience Tab and set the following values:

So in short:

  • Create a Systemprofile or use an existing one
  • Install a web server and the web server agent on a machine reachable by the clients
  • In the UEM Settings

    • Check the CORS flag
    • Adjust the Monitor request path to the new web server
    • Adjust the Agent location path to the new web server
  • Generate the Javascript code via the REST API
  • Add it to you Page

Per default the REST API will generate a bootstrap javascript that will load the "real" Javascript agent from the webserver, that is why you need to adjust the Agent location.

You could also add the "real" javascript agent right away, just remove the /initcode from the REST API endpoint. But then you have to manually change the javascript any time you adjust certain UEM settings.

And that's it I have done this for multiple applications e.g cloud hosted SaaS solutions.