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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Do uncaught exceptions impact application performance?

Hello there Appmon-ites, I have been with sone applications where there are lots of exceptions being generated and are uncaught exceptions in Dynatrace. Some are logged some do not.

I have believed that these really slow down the JVM performance & app hygeine somehow. But I do not have any justification for those. (Except where too many loggings takes place).

Would you please guide me on this? Any inputs appreciated.

Regards, Rajesh.



Hello Rajesh,

The short answer is, yes, a lot of uncaught exceptions can slow down an application. This is because the underlying JVM has to do a lot work to properly take care of the exception. Some of the functions it would have to do, depending on the configuration are write the exception stack trace to the console and terminate the thread. As you can imagine, this takes away from the running the application functionality on the JVM especially if it is happening en mass.

For more information on what the JVM does to process uncaught exceptions, you can check out this link:


David Nicholls