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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Does Appmon captures 403 forbidden Errors in Mobile App's?


hi All,

We would like to know if Appmon will be able to capture the 403 forbidden error while trying to login into Mobile App without any request being reached out to web server layer becasue those request are being blocked by CDN's like Akamai? Will Appmon be able to Capture those errors if we have UEM enabled as well as using Appmon mobile ADK in Mobile App for instrumentattion?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The mobile agent captures the HTTP response of all captured webrequests. So if the request to the CDN is captured it will be marked as erroneous when it returns with a 4xx HTTP response code.

Thanks Patrick!

Does it means even though the requests doesn't reach Webserver layer still the 403 errors get captured at Client Side?



mobile agent monitors client webrequests from client perspective - so we see the response code and duration, but there won't be any linking to a serverside PurePath when the webserver part is not instrumented

Thanks Patrick!

But if we are using Auto-Instrumented ADK then does Appmon captures these response codes? If so where can we check them atleast i haven't seen any 403 errors from our Mobile App and we have Auto-Instrumented ADK.


As I don't know which library you are using to create the webrequest I can't say if its automatically instrumented or not - but with default libraries used for Android it should work, and also with okhtttp3. It also depends on your obfuscation settings.
So just try it, it should work - if not please create a support ticket.
FYI @Thomas W.

Hi Sreedhar,

For the auto-instrumentor (and agent) it makes no difference which HTTP status code is returned. You should be able to see the status code, when you click on the monitored web request.
Maybe the auto-instrumentor is not able to monitor theses web requests, because of some other reasons like unsupported framework or obfuscation? You can also open a support ticket. Then the support team will investigate your problem.