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Does Dynatrace Java agent support Sybase Brand Mobiliser?


Hi Team,

Pl suggest does dynatrace support and how we can monitor application with below details?

Brand :- Apache Felix / Sybase
Brand Mobilizer 1.3 -->JVM used is Apache Felix based

Money:- Apache Felix/ SAP
Money -->JVM used is Apache Felix based.

It is part of USSD based application where requests are coming from USSD telecom SMSGW. The end user access application using ussd codes.

Also suggest what all data can be captured from enduser perspective if possible in terms of mobile OS,Version,ISP,etc?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. ANY Java-based Application can be monitored by Dynatrace as long as the JVM Version that is used is supported by Dynatrace -> for that please have a look at our release notes and the section on supported JVMs:

Once the Java Agent is injected you get all the beauty of Dynatrace Monitoring Support: End-to-end PurePaths, Process Health Metrics, Java Health Metrics, ...

As for End User Monitoring: once injected into your JVM you have to option to enable End User Monitoring where we capture every single click of every single user connected to your server side requests.

For more details please check out these resources on YouTube where I explain how dynatrace works and which data you get:



Hey thanks a lot andi for the response!!