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Does Dynatrace have an official Collector dockerfile?


The github post at this URL references a dynatrace-collector dockerfile:

Is this dockerfile Community supported or Dynatrace supported?


Hi James,

From the GitHub README:

"This offering is Dynatrace Community Supported. Feel free to share any problems, questions and suggestions with your peers on the Dynatrace Community's Application Monitoring & UEM Forum."

Let me know if you have any other questions.

- Jacob

Thanks for the quick response Jacob.

The last we worked with the collector dockerfile, it was still community-supported and contained several security faults. Our Risk department are wary of us downloading dockerfiles in general, and want to know the security protocol used to clear the file for customer use.

Thanks again.

Hi James,
the dockerfiles on github will remain as community project, which are not supported by our tech-support team, as it is not recommended to run either server nor collector in containers. Nevertheless this is a great way spin up demo & test environments very easily.

For this reason we will further maintain this github projects to provide latest compatible versions.


Thank you for the response Patrick.

I am confused though: Dynatrace is maintaining the github project for the collector dockerfile, but you don't support it. Seems you are riding the fence -- why recommend using it at all, even for testing, if you aren't going to support it? It either works or it doesn't work with your product? I can only assume the company doesn't want to spend the resources to support it.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi James,

we take our responsibility in support very seriously. Talking about supported environments for collector and server always relates to scalability and throughput in production environments, where containerization adds an additional layer of complexity which is a different story than just works or doesn't work.

For this reason we need to draw the border to actual support a technology/platform carefully so we can be sure our support-team can help you at their best.

As we know - it just work's - we will maintain this projects, because it's a very easy way for people to use our trial version (

On the long run, as you may have already heard of our new agent platform (the oneagent's for appmon), the collector will not be any longer a critical scalability factor. as it is today. Then for sure we think about to support the collector also running within containers.