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Does UEM consider SPA applications that use WebSockets to communicate with the server?


Modern SPA applications are increasingly utilizing HTML5 technologies like WebSockets. In my app, the main spa page establishes several WebSocket connections so the server can push events to the browser without requiring the user to refresh the browser (or invoking a refresh via JavaScript settimeout). The common usage scenario of my application is to visit and observe, and I have users that visit and leave the browser up for hours (even all day and overnight). Dynatrace reports these visitors with a very short visit duration. Typically the amount of time to load the main page, but their visit is much longer and they are using the application. My users see the page change and they might be showing and hiding charts, filtering and sorting data, etc. and since none of these operations result in a server round trip, dynaTrace does not see them, nor does it update the visit duration.

Is there a way to make UEM consider WebSocket traffic? Can UEM report WebSocket send and receive traffic and update the visit duration?



To answer my own question, no, dynaTrace is not mature enough to consider WebSocket traffic in line with my desires. Further, the PurePath that is started to establish in the WebSocket connection eventually times out after about 10 minutes. I might try to change the JavaScript implementation so that it closes and opens a new WebSocket connection every 9 minutes. I don't think I should increase the PurePath timeout to 24 hours.

FYI - here is a cross reference to one of your related posts:

Lets see if our product team gives us some more details on our plans for supporting websockets