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Does anyon know where or how to find out the average number of nodes per transaction ,Estimated average number of static resources per transaction? These qustions psted on the sizing calculator



Hello Sophie,

Static Resources

Are static resources delivered by the web server? If yes, this leads to a higher number of transactions with only one node. A typical web request contains some 40 static resources, 80 percent of which are cached. As a result, the number of transactions per second is increased, but the average number of nodes per PurePath is lowered due to the caching. Within a UEM environment, the average Nodes per PurePath are estimated with the following formula:

(Transactions per Day * average Nodes per PurePath + Static Resources requested per Day) / (Transactions per Day + Static Resources requested per Day).


In a production environment, more than just scalability must be considered. Even if an AppMon Server could accommodate more Agents (more load), the Server always has physical limits. To avoid reaching these limits, decrease the number of PurePath nodes. Usually there is not any reason to have an average node number of 5,000 in a production environment. A value of 10 or 50 is generally good for production. A successful POC is always a good source to get proper values. To reduce the average node length, you can switch off several sensors or use aggregation, such as for JDBC.

Open the Start Center > Deployment Health > dynaTrace Server Health then on the right down corner you will find the similar graph which will show you the number of nodes (avg, max).

Below link is to use the collect sizing data.