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Does anyone have experience with instrumenting Appian back-end server?

Hi there,

I don't know if many of you heard about APPIAN. It's a BPM platform used to build applications and deploy them as services for internal enterprise apps.

I saw that there where some discussions in the community but none of them had a definite answer.

My question is regarding the instrumentation/agent placement of the Appian back-end. Did any of you have had any experience with this? Where there any successful implementations of Dynatrace in the Appian back-end server?

I have already covered the front-end server which is a Jboss with no issues, but the customer wants a more detailed view of what's happening in the back-end.

Cheers and hope I'll get some good intel!

Sorin Z

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Sorin

do you have more details about the backend technology? I assume it is not Java as otherwise you could just put a Java Agent on that backend


Hi Andi,

Unfortunately, I do not have any other information about the technologies used. I was wondering if anyone on the community has already had experience implementing some Appian projects. I've searched the internet and officially all they say is that Appian back-end is a proprietary technology (but I assume they're referring to the algorithms). I've also heard some discussions where they suggested it's C but no-one has any solid info.

The guys who manage the application do not have this knowledge about the application.



Sorin Z

I just want to add that the discussion is about monitoring/instrumentation of the Appian Engine, the one that does all BPM processing. Hope there's someone here with a little experience in monitoring this.


Sorin Z