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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Does each monitored application use a System Profile?


Could you please suggest on the below requirement from the customer ?

We have to set the user, limits for filehandles/sockets, etc depending on the number of agents.

Can you provide us with some values we can use?

Is it correct to assume the value mentioned in the documentation (50*3*2*System Profile) and add 300 to the required maximum of 2048 per Application?

Example: We have 14 Java applications we want monitored. So we add 14*300=4200 to 2048?

Does each monitored application use a System Profile?

Thanks in Advance




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Sangeetha M.

The best practice is to keep a single System Profile for each environment e.g. one for Pre-Production and one for Production etc...

If this is not feasible you then can create a system profile where you can combine the applications which are talking to each other end-to-end (from front-end to all the way to the backed).

Below are documented points for better understanding.

  • A System Profile is a container for all configuration settings that belong to a certain set of Agents, representing the system under diagnoses (SUD). When a new Agent connects to the AppMon Server, it is matched to exactly one System Profile. As a result, AppMon applies all configuration settings within the System Profile to the Agent.
  • System Profiles serve as one possible starting point for all interactive actions applied to the data. The data is provided by the Agents associated with the System Profile. You can manage any number of System Profiles on one AppMon Server.




Hi Sangeetha,

Yes each monitored application use system profile. So you can manage (data capturing) your JAVA application effectively. FYI - Database agent monitoring does not use system profile.

Yes as per document (50*3*2*System Profile) is correct. But in real situation it really depends on end to end monitoring in dynatrace. As one system profile data will not be visible in another system profile (sometime it may be visible as External service in transaction flow dashboard). So recommend is to work with your application team get proper understanding of all the 14 java application background. And then design your system profile according to it (I would suggest you to create different agent group in single system profile to view end to end flow of you application. max 50 agent group in system profile)