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Doubts regarding dynatrace 7


Hi Team,

Do we need to procure extra license if we upgrade version 6.3 to 7.... We will be setting up new structure for 7 and if it works fine with no issues then we will remove the 6.3 version. It means both will be running for one month on overlap. We are not installing new version on top of old one. For this scenario do we need an extra license procurement?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Praveena,

When you upgrade your license, you have the option of getting a temp license key (which if I remember correctly is valid for 4 weeks) to make sure the upgrade goes smoothly. Sounds like this should take care of your use case.



Thanks Ari.

Can I copy the session storage from old version to new version directly or is there any procedure to do that? @Ari P.

That would depend on how the existing storage is set up. Is the directory under the 6.3 folder or is it an independent directory with a symlink? Additionally, it doesn't look like you are actually upgrading the servers (but spinning up a new deployment) so that would make things much harder for you.

If we choose option as direct (instead of trail) while upgrading the existing license, then can we run both versions on different setups? @Ari P.

I believe that if you do direct instead of trial, you cannot use the older license. So I would recommend doing the trial license to make sure the upgrade goes well.