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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Download latest agent (time of writing 7.2.8)



From what I understand it should be possible to download version specific agents from here:

However, I am not able to download the which is the latest version we have ugpraded to

Usually this would not be a problem, but since the AppMon agent for Nginx seems to be able to use non-classic mode from version 7.2.8 it would be very nice if this was possible:

"AppMon 2018 April Update 8 Switch of the platform is not required. AppMon Agent platform is the default for the NGINX Agent. If you migrate your System Profile from a previous version, the NGINX Agent will be automatically switched to the AppMon Agent platform."


In general, even if you will install older version, it will update automatically to your server version during start.



Yes, but the documentation says that using 7.2.8 (or April 8 update) you can skip the whole Classic agent mode. But how can you do this without upgrading?

Any reason why 7.2.8 is not available for download?