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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Downtimes no longer configurable at system profile level with the release of v6.2?

Before 6.2 we could
set up our downtimes under our Profiles incidents dashlet. Now we learned
this profile specific capability has been eliminated, being replaced with a
global infrastructure level\based downtime. This means if a downtime is
set up at this new infrastructure level all profiles will be affected/covered
as it’s a global setting. This was a very important feature due to each group (business unit) having their own tech window and heavily utilized for our large dynaTrace implementation. Is there a workaround to simulate this feature or are we out of luck? Seems strange a major feature would be taken away in a new release.



There seems to be a product idea about this here as well:

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

We're planning on upgrading to 6.2 so this interests me. Could you provide and example of what you are trying to do? I opened up a 6.2 client I have and it looks like I am able to still set downtimes at the system profile level so maybe I don't exactly understand what is not possible in the newer version. I have a screenshot below:


In our case the issue is not in setting up new downtimes or modifying existing ones on version 6.2 via the Dynatrace Client which still provides the ability to manage them under the specific/applicable profile. The problem is that the profile based downtimes will not work (at least some of them). I think is key in being clear on the incidents that the downtimes are based. In our case our existing downtimes related to CPU, Disk, Memory and Network Unhealthy incidents no longer filter false alerts as this is now globally controlled under the infrastructure incident level. If we are talking about other downtimes associated with incidents such as Corrupted Pure Paths then I believe those should still work at the profile level as before. The vendor should be able to provide a full list of downtimes/incidents that are still valid/working under the profile level.

If this is the case it sounds like all of the incidents you are referring to would be ones using metrics from the host agents (i.e memory, cpu, etc...). I'll look for some documentation on the change.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I'll check back with our lab on this case..


Any news on this? We have the same problem, namely that downtimes are not respected for infrastructure-related alerts (i.e. host health). We are on 6.3.

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Any feedback from the labs on this one ? (DT-AM 6.2)

Me too, I can't find the right location to set downtime schedules on infrastructure incidents (server-level configuration). Same applies for incident actions ... they need to be configured at the server level - anything configured in the system profile doesn't have any effect.

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi, I did some new configuration tests, and came up with the following which seems to work for me :

the incidents dashlet, you can define a new downtime, but you need to
disable the infrastructure incidents in EVERY system profile that you

We are just getting starting on creating downtimes. Documentation I ran across indicate that downtimes for System Profile incidents do not affect the firing of host health incidents. Those downtimes must be configured through the Infrastructure, Incidents dashlet. I'm not sure what all AppMon releases this might apply to but see