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Duration , Server Contribution and NetWork contribution by geographical location



How can I calculate the total Duration, Server and NetWork Contribution for each Geographical locations?

I appreciate some idea

thanks and regards,

Jose A



Hello @José Antonio R.

I guess this is not possible to achieve or maybe someone can think about the workaround. There is another tool called NAM (Network Application Monitoring) which can provide you such type of aggregated information.

There are following two measures for the user experience management which can provide you a contribution of each user action for Continent, Country, Region and City.

Server Contribution

  • Represents the time spent on the server that had an impact on the user action response time. It is calculated by summing up the time each web request spends on the server, whereas overlapping times are counted only once. If the duration of a web request exceeds the user action response time, only the time until the end of the response time is added.

Network Contribution

  • Represents the time spent transferring data for a user action. For page actions the network contribution is calculated by dividing the resource size by the estimated bandwidth. It is assumed that the transferred data is equally distributed using the current bandwidth. For mobile actions the network contribution is calculated by subtracting the server contribution from the overall time the request takes from sending the request, until the response is received.