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DynaTrace Real User Monitoring request persistence


  • Which personal data is stored by DynaTrace when installed with default settings and used for monitoring a Web Application?
    • IP, Port
    • User Agent
    • ….
  • Same as the above question but for the DynaTrace One Agent when integrated into an iOS or Android Mobile App
    • Xyz
    • abc
  • Which parts of the requests are stored (e.g. to enable service flow navigation) in case of a default installation?
    • The entire header?
    • Cookies?
    • URL?
    • The entire body?
  • If such data is stored
    • How long is it stored?
    • Can we manually delete it?
    • Where ca we configure retention policies?

The only options on persistence I have seen so far are under settings
à preferences
à data privacy who just allow high-level influence over what is happening