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Dynamically display application name on dashboard

I have a dashboard that is pretty generic and can be reused for each of the applications we support, simply by filtering by application. The dashboard has several titles and descriptions that just generically say "the application." I would like to be able to dynamically insert the name of the application that the user has chosen to filter. I'd like to use something similar to the "Text and Measure" feature, but rather than display the value of a measure, I want to display the value of the filter. Anyone have a nifty solution for this?



Couple ideas -

  1. use this with a Dynamic Measure Matrix dashlet which splits some measure by Application as the Master
  2. If all your dashlets are charts, include the Application name in the Legend

I might be able to think of more if you could possibly post a screenshot?


Rick B


This may get messy, but you could check the "append filters" box next to the dashlet name in the dashlet properties dialog. That would at least get the application into the dashlet titles dynamically. It will append the other filters too though, so it might get too cluttered.