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Dynatrace 6.0 client removed default monitoring dashboard?



Not sure if this is a bug or not. Dynatrace 6.0 client (v6.0.0.7000) versus the Dynatrace 5.6 client (v5.6.0.5802) shown below.

Dynatrace 6.0 client

Dynatrace 5.6 client

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Please have a look at Technical Alerts dynaTrace DATM. There are some known issues with a recent Java Update causing rendering issues in the client

Much appreciated. I re-read the technical bulletin from 8/11/2014.

I just wanted to be sure it was a bug and not a feature change. My workstation is indeed running Java 7 update 67 standard edition JRE.

I will try to set the as mentioned by Oracle while we await their release Java 7 update 71 or later.

Thanks again!


Simultaneous releases of Java 7 updates and Java 8 have been release by Oracle.

What is the recommended version?

Just curious. We're still seeing issues getting the navigation to appear correctly. We are going to try a fresh test machine.


All is working well now that we have both the DEV and TEST environments up to Dynatrace 6.0 version.

Whatever Java issue we were experiencing seems to have been corrected with and either Java 7 u51 and below or Java 7 u71 and above.

Working well once again!