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Dynatrace 6.5 UEM Instrumentation: Server Side drill to purepath missing in user actions

Hello there fellow AppMon-ites,

I am doing manual instrumentation of android (hybrid, SPA) app. I have noticed that with the newer initcode approach of UEM instrumentation, I am not getting purepaths drill downs in the user actions.

This is however I am able to achieve with the bootstrap approach.

Could you please suggest, if I am missing something? Pl. see the attached snapshots:

Manual event reporting with Bootstrap agent:

With initcode:

Regards, Rajesh


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Rajesh

Did you solve this problem in the meantime? I assume the Server-Side PurePaths are still being captured but the thing missing is the "linking" of the User Actions to the Server-Side PurePaths.

If you havent solved this problem I suggest opening a support ticket and then update this forum post with your findings


Hi Andreas, Thanks for the suggestion. I have opened support case here.

Hi Andreas, Thank you for the replay.

Following is the consolidated list of issues that we have faced with UEM instrumentation in my case:

1. User action Splits: The very first user action viz. loading of the app (Native->Hybrid) is reported into "Default Application". And the rest going correctly to custom defined application. Effectively, the user visits are split between two.

2. Domain Path in Cookie:
Unable to change or control the Path=/ attribute in the cookie set by Dynatrace. There is a way to control the domain in but nothing for Path. This is concern by Security team, so I have raised support case here.

3. Named User actions, Linking(stitching/correlation) and Cascading:
With Initcode, I am able to get Drill Downs to web request but these are too verbose in visit dashboard. Hence I had to fallback to bootstrap with custom report event as we did in POC. I have even tried giving the data-dtname to innermost HTML tags but still drill downs to PP is missing in such events in Dynatrace. Also, Ideally, all the preceding web requests should be cascaded under the user actions such as clicks. I could not get this.

Currently, We are concentrating on the issue-2. We will make progress over each incrementally in future. If possible keep this updated.

Regards, Rajesh.

As of now, there is no way to change the Path value in dtCookie field as per support. However, have requested a way to overried this feild similar to domain setting in UEM tab.