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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace 7.0 - User Analytics - Threshold * Factor


Hi ,

In dynatrace 7.0 user analytics i noticed that "Thrshold * factor" column what it denotes, I seen that same web request happened 2 times, each time has different response time, so 2 entries, each entry one column is "Thrshold * factor" and some numeric value in it.What does it mean, anyone help us to understand.


Soorya Mohan



Is threshold denotes the page access time?then what the factor denotes..any idea


Soorya Mohan

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not using the 7.0 EAP yet but it looks like it might be a display of that bandwidth consideration that is used when setting the Apdex response time thresholds. If it detected a poor connection that one might increase to indicate that user would have a higher tolerance for slower response times as they have a slower connection. Previously I don't think that was displayed anywere, this might be how they are adding it in.

Additional Bandwidth Factor in the Apdex Calculation
We assume that users with a slow network connection (e.g. mobile phone) will accept slower user actions.

Click System Profile > User Experience vertical tab > Default or Application Specific Settings horizontal tab > Web Applications sub-tree to switch the bandwidth calculation to on. This evaluates the performance of a user action, where 1,500 Kbits/sec is the norm (factor 1 for the Apdex performance zone thresholds) and 56 Kbits/sec is slow (factor 2).

For example, a bandwidth of 630 Kbits/sec results in a factor of ~1.6. The satisfied-tolerating threshold for the above example changes to 2.0 x 1.6 = 3.2s. The tolerating-frustrated threshold changes to 4 x 2.0 x 1.6 = 12.6s.



Thanks @James K. It helps me to get an idea on this!!


Soorya M


Hi @Soorya Prabha M. ,

We have also started using Dynatrace 7.0 in test environment. It seems you are already using it and having good understanding of new features got introduced to Dynatrace 7.0.

Could you please help me with list of new features in Dynatrace 7.0 which was not there for older Dynatrace version just on high level basis.

Appreciate your help 🙂

Thank in advance

Bharti G.

In Dynatrace 7.0, we noticed the important features in Web client in our setup:

1)UEM -> each real user request details clearly (spilt time of 1st party, JS, image) visually(easyway)

2)Waterfall chart for each real user actions(DOM interactive time, DOM fetch time) - W3C metrics

3)Restriction of creating more than 16 tiles is overcome, in 7.0 it will support 40 tiles and also alignment of tiles in web dashboard becomes easy than 6.5.

4)Also host/process specific details view is added in web client as like how it shows in RUXIT.

5)Database views which is in dynatrace client now in web client.

6)Hope purelytics concept which was introduced in 6.3, for that visual representation is enhanced in these release, you can check it in left side cockpit of web client.

7)Now we can see purepath in web client itself as like in dynatrace client.(purepath timeline view)

8)Errors and Response Time hotspots section which shows the contributors of failed/slow request(s).

9)New application overview with historical data + violations

10)Improved transaction flow (better color coding & highlighting, failed transactions, more drill downs, database support, etc.)

Requesting others to add features of dynatrace7.0 which was missed out.


Soorya Mohan

Hi @Bharti G.!

Please also see this blog post from Andy Grabner about Dynatrace AppMon 2017 (v7):


Thanks a lot @Soorya Prabha M. and @Joshua P.