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Dynatrace 7 Web Dashboard Processes tile agent showing (x2)


I have a web dashboard that I created which includes the Processes tile. In this tile I have some .net agents that are showing up as .NET Process_Name[appname] (x2) and then they do not show values for CPU or Memory, just dashes (-). Other processes show these metrics just fine and do not have the (x2) tagged onto their name.

I have been unable to determine what is causing this. What I have done so far:

Checked my collector configuration files to make sure it was not related to the issue where collectors pick up the same agent as a duplicate sometimes. All of the collectors have this fix in place.

Checked IIS to make sure each of the app pools has only one worker process.

Checked .net agent configuration and DT agents overview to make sure everything is instrumented correctly and reporting ok to the client.

Checked the DT client to make sure the agents are showing up correctly and with no issues related to their name (they are).

Checked to make sure each app pool is getting traffic and generating PurePaths.

Checked task manager to make sure the worker processes are not duplicated.

Right now this tile isn't very useful to me as about half of the processes don't show any data.

Thanks for any help.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jason,

the x2 in the agent name is an indicator, that there are two processes/agents with the same name. See the following question

Maybe the processes tile/detail view has a problem with that. If the problem still occurs, then I suggest to open a support ticket.