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Can anyone advise if Dynatrace APM version 6.5 supports below features:

•Auto blueprinting capability

•Runbook automation - Provides flexibility to define rules



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Courtney. I don't think you mean Dynatrace 6.5 - that's a very old version of our AppMon product.

I believe you mean Dynatrace as in ?

Not 100% sure what you mean by blueprinting... Do you mean auto-discovery of hosts / processes and their connections (ie. an automatically mapped landscape of your infrastructure)? If so, the answer is yet.

Yes, runbook automation is possible, driven by the Dynatrace AI-based automatic problem detection algorithm. As an example, see this post: linking Dynatrace to Ansible Tower

Your automation platform / tool isn't limited to Ansible tower, anything that accepts webhooks would work (Ansible, Jenkins, SaltStack etc.)


Hi Adam G, yes we are still on AppMon v6.5. Are you saying these features are only available on Dynatrace DTOne and not on 6.5? We are piloting DTOne currently and I have seen the auto-discovery of the processes and hosts. Have also seen the AI detection on DTOne also. Thanks

If by "auto blueprinting" you mean auto-discovery of processes and hosts, then yes. This is only available in Dynatrace (not AppMon). Of course, if you've used AppMon you'll know about the transaction flow view (but that's not true auto-discovery as you've had to manually instrument each process). It's also worth pointing out that Dynatrace (as opposed to AppMon) will map dependencies between processes that cannot be code-level instrumented - this is possible because we see the "raw" TCP streams between processes.

Runbook automation might technically be possible in AppMon (configure an incident then use a plugin such as the Generic Execution Plugin to trigger a workflow). However, it's all manual and frankly - Dynatrace (again as opposed to AppMon) was designed from the ground-up for cloud-native scenarious such as Ansible / Saltstack runbook automation.

Bottom line is that Dynatrace will do much of what AppMon does. It will also do a whole lot that AppMon could never dream of doing. If you're operating in the cloud (or a hybrid of cloud and OnPrem) then I can only really recommend you forge ahead with Dynatrace.