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Dynatrace AppMon 6.5 Client becoming unresponsive


Is anyone else having issues where after several minutes of the client being inactive it will become unresponsive. Causing windows to try and troubleshoot with no avail, more often than not requiring it to be closed and re-opened.

I am not the only person in my business who is having this issue, even external clients have reported this to me.

My client is, and connected servers are the same version can include and but it occurs regardless of which one I am actively connected to. I am collating more information about this fault so I can raise a support ticket if I need to.

My first guesses would be that it is PC going to sleep/lock screen that causes the problem as i have had a kiosk (of the same version) running without fault for at least half a day on a PC that has sleep and lock screen disabled.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I have personally never heard of this issue at my company, though as far as I know we are all running on the "high performance" battery setting for our laptop machines.
I've had my laptop go to sleep while having the AppMon 6.5 Client open and it has resumed properly every time.

I would definitely consider opening a Support Ticket and attaching a Support Archive from AppMon:

The logs for all of the Dynatrace components (agents, collector, App Mon Server, App Mon Memory Analysis Server, client) can be accessed from the System Information Dashlet. This can be accessed via the Cockpit on the left-side or Help>System Information. You can right-click at the root or subsection of the interested area to create a support archive package, which will include the support information like the log files, config files, licensing, and system profiles for all the components which come under it.

I hope this helps! Let us know what happens as this moves forward.

Kind regards,

Joshua P.