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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace AppMon 7 - number of concurrent clients


What is the official sizing advice regarding the number of Rich Clients that are connected to a server and perform analizying?

Our deployment will be medium size with 120 agents connected.

We have a increasing number of client usage and I guess there is no way to set max. connected client and maintain server performance.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Arda, This is a hard number to identify as it so depends on the type of activity being performed by your client users. Obviously light weight queries produce a different load on the AppMon server than complex queries and frequent clicks. Also, users who have autoRefresh setup on displayed dashboards should be taken into consideration and the complexity of those dashboards.

I would suggest that you monitor your AppMon Server Self Monitoring Metrics and dashboards and keep a close eye on the FrontEnd Server Health dashboard, which will give you a good understanding of the load that the clients are putting on your AppMon Server. Don't be shy with memory, more memory helps the system cache more data to be more performant. CPU and disk are easily observed to be oversubscribed and begging for more resources.