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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace AppMon Upgrade Agent Rollback


If during an upgrade (to 6.3 in our scenario) an issue arises and everything needs to be rolled back, what is the best process for rolling back the agents without backing up the agent install directories pre-upgrade and replacing during a rollback?



If you roll back the server to a previous version, the agents will download the lower agent version upon connection to the collector.

2 additions to this answer:

  • for this to work the bootstrap agent has to be used (dtagent.dll/so), which is default and highly recommended anyway
  • the agents will "roll back" to the old version after a restart of the process and a new initial connection to the old collector, not before

Curiously, during a fixpack rollback: Will the agent continue to provide data while a restart is pending and therefore temporarily running at a newer fixpack version than the collector (say agent=6.5.8 vs collector=6.5.7)?