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Dynatrace Dashboard


Need in your help in dashboard.

I have two application running in my machine(desktop).

I have created two dashboards each one is related to each
application respectively.

Application 1 - Have created dashboard through Use for
and in the dashlet window selected chart and then
in the add series have added the measures required for me. Please
find below the screenshot of the same.

Inline image 5

Application 2 - Have created dashboard through URL
Monitoring to check the host reachable. Please find below the screenshot of the

Inline image 1

My Query - How to achieve the congregation of the
measures(for example how to merge to dashboard side by side) as mentioned in
the below screenshot.

As per my implementation

Application 1 Dashboard corresponds to Application Tier

Application 2 Dashboard corresponds to BCC - Content

I need to merge/Club my two dashboards into single as
mentioned in the below screenshot. Please help me on this ASAP

Inline image 7


Have upload the document by name need in your help in dashboard which is similar to that of the question posted

Please help me on this ASAP.



Hello Hemang
you can not merge 2 dashboards, but you can copy the dashlets in it.
you have 2 dashboards "Cpu" and "BCC". Since the measurements are in the same System profile, you could do this:

1) open the "CPU" dashboard, press the Ctrl + h or right key and click on Toogle Header.example-0.png You will notice that the dashboar will change.

2) Open the "BCC" dashboard and do the same. Copy the dashlet chart containing the chart and paste it into Cpu dashboard. you can move the dashalet wherever you want and rename it using the properties dashlet.
4)press Ctrl + h to make the edges disappear

3) Save this dasboard with a different name