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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace SaaS Managed to monitor Azure Portal hosted services



1. Please direct to the instructions help to install latest version DT agents on Azure hosted services.

2. Since we would be getting the DT SaaS Managed AWS instance, how do I connect from the client to start creating measures and dashboards, is it the web client only option or I can use the desktop client as well?

3. Do we have help topic or vedio to watch the entire end to end setup of AWS SaaS Managed instance connecting to Azure portal?

Thanks and Regards



Hi Srini,

sorry for the delayed reply

Could you please elaborate on those questions?

#1: Which Azure hosted services are you referring to? Our level of integration and the way to setup are quite unique to each of them.

#2: For SaaS Managed, there is only our web client. You start monitoring by installing the OneAgent on the the VM. After that, please restart the services you consider to be monitored. They will be detected automatically.

#3: What do you mean by "connecting to Azure portal". Is there some kind of single-sign-on you expect between Azure portal and Dynatrace Dashboard? Or are you referring to services running on Azure?