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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace Server and collector VM Cloned


Hi All,

This is regarding the VM cloning of Dynatrace servers and collectors for moving the set up from one location to another.

Dynatrace servers are VM cloned and ip addresses and host names have been changed.
Created the new Data center also.

After migration,the test connection was successful from client to new server.
But in the left pane i.e in cockpit side it was still showing old server name.

collectors are not up.

Agent over view is blank.

Can anyone share the steps for the above scenario.

What went wrong here.Do I need to change anything in collector entries,DNS entries.



Hi Karhik,

Just Goto Dashboard ( on left menu top ) --> Properties --> select Source tab and --> in Server select the New Server and click ok dashboard-server-select.docx

PFA for the same , Please let me know if it resolves your issue,

Note:- If test connection fine, then it means you can connect just that you need to select your new Server.


Hi Ravi,

Thank you for the reply.

Want to correct my statement. It is not in the cockpit side.It is in the server settings.

After successful test connection also, when connected to the new server YYY, it is showing old server name XXX.

Is there anything needs to be changed during VM cloning and post settings.

Why this naming conflict occurs.

Can you please post your ideas

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Karthikayini,

Check the following for 'How to change the host name'.



Hi Babar,

Thank you..will try it..

Great ..It is working now.

Hi @babarQ,

Can you please share me how to change to the new collector names in Dynatrace Agents configuration in Linux Server Application.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hello Karthikayini,

You can change the collector name from the /app/dynaTrace/dynatrace-6.5/collector/conf

Note: May be you have a /dynatrace-X.X something else instead of 6.5

On Linux, the installer prompts for bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) and for the installation directory, which defaults to <currentDirectory>/dynatrace-collector-6.5



Hi @Babar Q ,

I have changed in collector already and it was fine .

But all the applications are pointing to the old set up. So want to change in Agent side.

Is there anything needs to be changed in JVM.

My applications are Java App in Linux .

Thanks in advance

Hello Karthikayini,

If the collector server IP is same then you don't need to change anything otherwise replace the IP address with the new collector in the Java argument.

java -agentpath:/opt/apm/dynatrace-6.2/agent/lib64/,server=X.X.X.X:9998



Hi Babar,

After making below changes also not able to connect the agent to the collector

1.Changing the collector name in JVM srart up parameters

-agentpath:/u01/app/dynatrace/dynatrace-6.1.0/agent/lib64/,server=COLLECTOR NAME

Deleting the collector list file in the below path



Can you please suggest

Hello Karthikayini,

Can you check the logs of agent which is not connecting to the collector?