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Dynatrace System Profile migration to another server



in this article I'd like to give you an idea of how we migrated System Profiles from 2 DT servers (let's call them Source) to a Target one when we were consolidating our Dynatrace infrastructure. As this task is not an usual case it might be difficult to find all necessary info you need for a successful migration. This is how we migrated the system profiles, so you might need to move some more configuration if you use advanced DT features like Synthetic Monitoring (which we don't).

Migration of system profile is very similar to a server migration when you install a higher version so it is worth reading also
Upgrade and Migration Guide. But you have to keep some files of the target server and some will have to be merged. Therefore you cannot use a dtmigration tool as intended. But it is handy when making archive of files to transfer. Transfering of Session storage data or PerformanceWarehouse wasn't our priority so it is not described here.

Time estimation is about 1-2 days as there is a lot of checking, reading and maybe troubleshooting after the finish. You will need to have maintenance knowledge of DT server - mainly know the directory structure, how to backup and restore server and how to stop and start a server.

So let's get started:

  1. Check your target server will be able to handle all the future load.
    Dynatrace Self-monitoring gives your all the necessary info for the
    source and target server, so fill in
    Deployment sizing calculator

    Your PerformanceWarehouse database will have to be able to handle all the load, so do checks according
    Performance Warehouse guidelines

    And do not forget for Sessions Storage size.

    This first task is worth spending time as you'll avoid unpleasant surprises and troubleshooting due to insufficient target server sizing.

  2. Ensure you will not face naming collisions when moving stuff to target server for following:

    • System Profile

    • User groups and Roles

    • Dashboards

  3. Ensure you've got installed on the target all special Plugins and Sensor Packs in use on the source server. Also their versions should match. This can be done via Client.

  4. The target and source servers should be of the same version -> just to avoid unnecessary complications.

  5. If you intend to use the same collectors (now connected to source) with target server, ensure connectivity from collector host using telnet command with port the target server is listening for collectors. If you are going to use new collectors ensure agents can reach them. Also if you are going to use the new collector to run monitors ensure connectivity to all monitored hosts.

  6. Log in to the source server and stop it.

  7. Use dtmigration.jar to pack files you'll need to copy/merge to the target server. Example >
    java -jar dtmigration.jar -noclasscache -migration -sourceDTHome
    '/opt/dynatrace/dynatrace-6.2' -targetArchiveDir
    '/opt/dynatrace/archive/' . The resulting file can have hundreds of MB. If that is concerning you, pack all those necessary files manually according to
    Manual File Migration

  8. Start the source server again.

  9. Copy the resulting archive to target server where you unzip it (use e.g. the 'unzip' command).

  10. Log in to the target server and stop it.

  11. Now is a good time to make a backup of target server for which you can use the dtmigration tool.

  12. According Manual File Migration copy following files (as a 'dynatrace' user or ensure the ownership, because your server needs access rights to them):

    • System Profiles - one by one, do not copy self-monitoring and the default Monitoring system profile unless you really want to transfer it.

    • Copy Dashboards - beware there are also default dashboards you may not want to override.

    • Copy WebUI user dashboards

    • You don't have to copy Sensor Packs or User Plugins because this has been done in step 3.

    • Merge following files (in our case only these files needed it but you check also the rest, and beware that some files might be just server related - do not touch) :

      • ipmappings.xml



        server.config.xml - server related, keep as is!



  13. You are now ready to start the target server, so do it and watch logs for any problems.

  14. Copy (from source to target) via the Client all the custom stuff in Server Setings -> Infrastructure

  15. Copy via the Client all the custom Roles, User Groups and Users, in that order.

  16. Adjust all migrated Dashboards to use your Target server and System Profile as a source.

  17. Update your license on the target so it can hold all your expected agents. (We used this opportunity to consolidate also our licenses so I activated the prepared one).

  18. Redirect your agents or collectors to target and see how they are appearing in Agents Overview. (For agents it is just reconnecting to restarted collector so all instrumentations should be active -> no production component restarts needed.)

  19. Watch self-monitoring to see how is your target handling the new load 🙂

As we are using collectors to run monitors it happened in both cases of system profile migration that collectors refused to run those monitors. I had to reinstall that collector from scratch and once it connected to the target server, monitor plugins were installed and started working.

And that is it. I hope this article saved you time when preparing for the migration. If there is anything that needs more explanations or some inaccuracy, please let me know.

Let me thank to all advisors in forum thread
How to move system profiles from one to another dynatrace server and Jesper Madsen, our Dynatrace Consultant.

Best Regards,

Michael Borek


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Michael,

thanks a lot for this report. As an aside: We're planning to implement a way to also migrate the data for selected system profiles from a source to a target pwh. I hope we can do it by 6.5, but the current plan is to do it as a plugin so we could release it independently of 6.5 GA if we need more time.




Thanks, Michael!