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Dynatrace UEM: What is the difference between various JavaScripts used in UEM Instrumentation?

I want to know the difference between Dynatrace.js vs CompuwareUEM.js and the purpose of dtagent_bootstrap.js vs the JS agent with feature hash like: dtagent630_q_1305.js? These always confuse me, so I will be thankful if you could explain each's purpose. Thanks in avdance.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Rajesh

Let me give you some quick answers

#1: Please check the JavaScript Agent Documentation where we explain how the JavaScript Agent works in general:

#2: CompuwareUEM.js: I guess this is from an older version of Dynatrace AppMon JavaScript ADK - at times when we used to be part of Compuware. This is the JavaScript file you might add to your own website in case your developers want to collect custom data or start/stop user actions themselves. The JavaScript ADK is well explained here:

#3: Dynatrace.js: same as #2. This is the "rebranded" version of the JavaScript ADK

#4: The Dynatrace bootstrap agent is a small JavaScript library that will then download the real JavaScript agent based on your current configuration and your installed Dynatrace version. The goal with that approach is to make configuration changes easier as well as updates. Your website will essentially always load the bootstrap agent. the bootstrap will then figure out which real javascrpt agent to download. If there is a new version because of a configuration change or dynatrce upgrade it willdownload that JavaScript library on demand.

#5: dtagentxx_abc_yyyy.js. This is the regular JavaScript agent. Depending on your installe dynatrace version and the flags you turned (jQuery, AngularJS, ...) this filename will change. The reason for that is to make sure the browser can cache the correct version of the JavaScript agent we deliver. Depending on your settings we always deliver a slightly differnt version of the JavaScript agent, e.g: if you do not turn on jQuery we are not delivering the code for jQuery detection. That makes the agent smaller. In order to differentiate all these different combinations we came up with the file naming schema

I hope this helps for your understanding