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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace UEM: XCode Plugin for IOS Hybrid App

Hello there, I am instrumenting an Hybrid IOS app for which I need to download the XCode. But On latest downloads section I am seeing the XCode version as However I am using Dynatrace I would like to know if mixing versions are okay in my case?

Also, How do I install this plugin in XCode?

Regards, Rajesh.


Also, I have noticed that the info.plist key names have been changed wrt earlier 63. version. Is that so? Just want to confirm.

Marking: @Andreas G. @Babar Q. @Florent D.

Okay, So I found out that this version works without any issue. Also the installation is simple with click next installer.

Once the plugin is installed, the Key names are automatically present in the drop down list.


Hi @Rajesh S.,

Can we talk via email ? I want to ask you about hybrid application instrument for iOS

I hope you can share your email, and then I will email you about my problem.