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Dynatrace Upgrade/Migraion to 6.5 from 6.1, howto movefiles from instance directory to othe directory


I am upgrading dynatrace Appmon from V6.1 to V6.5 and migrating the data through dynatrace-Migration tool. After completing 6.5 install and data migration, I see the following issues.

All user.permissions, frontend, server xml files are placed in the following directory in V6.1 <DT_Home_OLD>/server/instance/<instance_name>/conf. Those are showing in V6.5 in <DT_Home_NEW>/server/instance/<instance_name>/conf after running migration archive. But when I start dynatrace server in 6.5, files under <DT_home_NEW>/server/conf are executed and so I cannot login with the existing password in V6.5 that we used in V6.1

FYI - We have 6 server instances running in same host but in different installation directories. So I would like to know how to move the files from

<DT_Home_NEW>/server/instance/<instance_name>/conf to <DT_Home_NEW>/server/conf so that I would login with same password used in V6.1 and see all profiles listed.

Note: I know instance server pointing same installation directory discontinued, but I see the files in the server and all instances are running in their own directories.



Multiple Server Instances are not supported anymore I believe. You will need to have separate install directories for each server, instead on instances in the same install directory. has more info.


Oops sorry Jacob - you obviously type faster than I do!


Hi Ram,
Since having multiple Dynatrace server instances in the same installation directory is no longer supported.
The first step which you will need to do is split the server instances out into separate server installations, using the dtmigration archive.

Once you have done that, you can then upgrade each one up to 6.5.

Please see these guides which have some helpful information on this process:

Best regards,


Thank you Jacob and Henry. The document you sent refers V7.0, hope that applies to V6.5 as well. Also can we perform the same steps while upgrading the collector as well?

Already I installed V6.5 in the machine, to uninstall that hope stop the services and removing V6.5 directory should suffice?


HI Ram,
Yes the these steps should apply for 6.5 too.

It should be fine to leave your current 6.5 installation on that machine, as you can use the dt Migration tool to move the default server instance to that, however please bear in mind that you will also need a separate installation for each DT Server instance that there was on v6.1.