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Dynatrace Visits/concurrent users doesn't match with SOASTA load test data


We ran a load test recently using SOASTA tool. The load test ran for 90 minutes and the users slowly ramped up to 15,000(virtual users) in 60 minutes creating 50k sessions(15 min idle timeout). The load test was executed with X-Dynatrace header so we can apply the filter to see only SOASTA data. I exported the SOASTA data as stored session and when I graph the visit count I see it around 100 visits per min flat and concurrent users as 2000 per min max through out the load test. The web request count(ramped up to 50k per min) matches with the load, so the data I exported as stored session is good.

SOASTA uses around 90 IP to generate these requests. My question is, does dynatrace group visits and concurrent users by source IP or user agent? Is that why DT numbers doesn't match with the actual load?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Venkat

Quick Question. Does SOASTA simulate a real browser and with that also execute the JavaScript code of our dynaTrace JavaScript agent correctly?

Also - when they simulate a new Virtual User they need to make sure that they remove the dynatrace Cookies that we use. The first request of a user creates a new Visit which gets identified by a cookie. If SOASTA reuses that cookie we assume it is the same Visitor and therefore assign the incoming requests to a previous user. I kind of assume that this is what hapens in your case.

Hope this helps with your triage

Thanks Andreas. You made a excellent point. I followed up with SOASTA and they informed that they do not execute client side JS which is why I don't see SOASTA UEM data.

I guess where I got confused is that, i applied SOASTA filter and exported the web requests as saved session I saw UEM data , which made be assume that they invoked the client JS. I was under impression that when a web request (filtered by pattern http tag) is exported the UEM data would be correlated to that http tag. Looks like thats not the case. 

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Thanks for the update on this. Does SOASTA provide any testing mode where they use a real browser executing JavaScript? If not you may want to look into our load testing offering that we have. We have an option to drive real browsers as well - which means you can also leverage UEM Data for your load tests.


Hi Andreas:  When you say "look into our load testing offering" are you referring to the "last Mile dynaTrace synthetic Saas" offering?  If not what options do I have for "load testing" my application with UEM enabled?  key point:  I MUST be able to generate the load UEM adds through infrastructure components specifically through IBM Tivoli Access Manager - Webseal.....(security component which authenticates users, provides single sign-on, acts as a reverse proxy)...



We have an offer called dynatrace Load Testing (you can find more information at


Our product execute web browsers from cloud (azure, amazon, etc.) which will simulate users