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Dynatrace and Calypso Financial platform monitoring


We have a requirement to implement application monitoring of Calypso financial software platform. Currently, customer is using in-house developed tools and Zabbix for infrastructure monitoring resulting in multiple consoles and event messages. Without a doubt, this is resulting in reactive approach to issue resolution and causing delays to restore business services. The vision is to implement single glass of pane for operations team to monitor and act on the events proactively..

Appreciate if someone can provide directions with similar monitoring environment experience!!


I don't have experience with this system (I don't know it at all) but first you have to check it's architecture. If there are at least some supported technologies that may be monitored out of the box, monitoring should work. If there are unsupported technologies it may be hard task to handle with manual instrumentation if you will need to see transactions.


Thanks Sebastian for your reply. Calypso is a commercial off the shelf product with very limited documentation in the public domain. We know that it is written on Java with COBOL in the mix. Assuming that, all the JVM’s, web servers and other components can be discovered by Dynatrace OneAgent, my best guess is that except for some outliers most of the components should be covered under monitoring using Dynatrace.


Hello @Ajo G.

Monitoring of Calypso application is possible by the AppMon. We are monitoring with the technology JBoss (jboss-eap-6.1) and Java version 1.7.0_45 (Oracle Corporation).

Let us know if you need any assistance.



Hi Babar,

can you share some information on AppMon for Calypso..since its JBOSS, i am sure it will be supported by Dynatrace as well..what do you say?

JBOSS is fully supported by DT

Hi Babar,

Thanks for your reply. We are planning put all three components of Calypso under Dynatrace Managed monitoring (BO, CSI and MAS). Appreciate if you can share all the details available from your experience. Thanks once again.