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Dynatrace appmon DB server movement from OLD to NEW windows server - Challenges


Hello All,

We are in process to move the Dynatrace AppMon DB (performance warehouse) server from old VM Windows 2008 to VM Windows 2012 server.

I would like to know what are the challenges or the pain areas we need to consider before the movement.

Any suggestion or advice are highly appreciated.




One of my collegues has made it once, procedure was the same like for any others MSSQL databases. Documentation doesn't contain any extra restrictions for this process. If you have 2 servers (old and new) there is safe task because you can always connect back to old instance.

Hello Sebastin,

Thanks 🙂

Ours is Oracle DB. Yes we will be having 2 server old & new so no worries if something goes wrong then can connect to old DB server.

But during the data migration & schema level do we need to note something very important?

As we have not performed this kind of activity before.



There are no restrictions. After the migration process, the new server will improve the schema accordingly 🙂 Remember to check the state of the PW connection after the migration in the DT client and accept the new regulations.