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Dynatrace appmon find oldest transactions


Due to some changes in configuration (adding eum) our storage was not covering detailed data retention for 7 days.
We extended the storage, but I want to follow up how many days the purepaths are retained.
I found a number of simular items in the forum, but all of them are older and I do not find same possibilities with current version 7.2.12 (that had lots of interface changes)

Can someone tell me how I can find back what the oldest purepaths are that are kept in detail ?



You should go to System Profiles => Right click on the one you want to check and there should be details button or something like that. I don't have appmon server with easy access to check. You should see model where there is date you need.

For those that does not want to use hacks. Go to System profile list:

click Details:

Recording since is the date of oldest transactions.




Hopefully this "Hack" will still work with 7.2. Enable degug mode CTRL+SHIFT+F9 you will see [DEBUG] in the bottom right. Then open the 'Stored Sessions' dashboard and it will list all the Session files containing Purepaths with their start dates on the server.

Great....This still works.
I now can follow up in a very fast way (iso by trial and error looking where I find the last PP)
Thx a lot