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Dynatrace as central LOG repository


Hi all,

Yesterday I was inquired by a Customer asking about centralizing logs with Dynatrace. Customer informed me that they are putting a new server for one of the tiers and that they have removed the LOG4NET from the server. This made the application during tests run much faster and consume much less resources.

Customer than asked me that he plans to remove LOG4NET from all servers in that tier and if it would be safe to rely on Dynatrace for logs and events analysis.

My main concern here is that since customer disabled this feature for that server I can see no errors nor exceptions on the application for that server on Dynatrace.

In that matter what would be the best option for the customer to use Dynatrace as a central repository for all the logs, without generating logs locally on the servers? Is this even possible?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Igor, It's unclear what the customer means by "removed the LOG4NET...". Did they actually refactor the code and remove the entire LOG4NET layer, or did they simply just set loggingLevel=none? If they actually remove the LOG4NET calls from their code then there's no logging for AppMon to capture, as AppMon captures the logging events from the appliation calls into LOG4NET, even if loggingLevel=none.

I recommend they leave the LOG4NET layer in their architecture, but simply set logging level to NONE. This allows AppMon to still capture the logging events, but removes the costly part of the logging layer which is the actual writing of the log strings to the file system from within Log4NET.

hth, Joe Hoffman



Thank you very much for your prompt answer. It is also no clear to me what they did and the developer has not gotten back to me on this. But, the informatoin you sent me is just what I needed and that was what I was going to recomend the customer to do, I just wanted to make sure that even though log level was set to NONE, dynatrace would continue to capture the events.

I do not belive they have changed the code, as they applied this change into just one of the servers and it is in production, but I'll double check.

Thank you very much for your help,

Best regards,

Hello Igor,

I am skeptic that Dynatrace would be best candidate for log extraction (hence log monitoring), however it would be interesting to see if this can be done. Pl. note that there is limit on log message characters that can be captured. Also, most logging in application are prone to misuse ie. depends on developer's kindness. Often logs needs to be disabled due to heavy logging.

Hence it would be better to build the use cases around the methods and response times of web requests.

Regards, Rajesh.