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Dynatrace business transaction multiple filtering


I have a method which I am capturing in Dynatrace with about 4 arguments. I would like to filter on 2 arguments and return 3rd argument with transaction based measure. Is that possible with dynatrace?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If I understand correctly you would want to use 2 of the arguments as filter measures but I'm not sure what you mean by returning the 3rd argument. Do you want to do something like sum up that value or split on it so you get a line of results per value?

I think you would need 3 total measures created each for the different arguments. I don't think you'll be able to combine them at all. Two would go as filter measures (be sure to set the thresholds so that they are included - an upper value of 1 will work if this is a typical case but it could depend). For the 3rd one you want to return you'll need to either add it as a result measure (if you want to calculate it across the BT e.g. sum or average it) or as the splitting measure if you want to create a new splitting or line in your business transaction per value.