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Dynatrace upgrade from to

Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my dynatrace from to

I have followed the steps mentioned in the below article.

But i have an issue with step 5 there.

For this, do we need to restart our wedlogic manage servers manually? Can't we update dynatrace into latest version without restarting app (weblogic manage servers)?

Could you please brief more about this step?


After upgrading server, your weblogics will be monitored the same way it was before. But to update agent to latest binary you need to restart weblogics. But it can be done during next maintenance window.


if i click on "next" button, while i was in above step (Restart agent tier), will it try to restart our manage servers ? is there any way to skip that method and bounce them during the next maintenance window.

I just want to know that, what will happen, if i click on "Next" button during the above stage.

Nothing, DT will show you screen with list of agents to restart. You can restart them manually in this moment and this list should upgrade. DT server will NEVER restart your appnodes.

Thank you for your support.