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Easy Travel Configuration File Changes


Hi All,

Currently,my test setup has:

Demo 6.5 Server installed on:

Demo 6.5 Collector installed on:

Demo 6.5 Client: My laptop.

I just wanted to set up easy
travel demo on my laptop and connect the local easy travel agent to my server/collector above.All the communication ports are open and i can see the collector connected in my client.

Scenario 1:with no changes to the config file

I ran a clean install of easy travel and every agent was running/operating. I also installed a 6.5 dT java agent on my laptop.

Scenario 2: easytravelconfigfile

The only change I made to the easytravelconfig
properties file
is below and I keep getting the ‘not running’ for the
business backend(java) part :

Files (x86)\\Dynatrace\\Dynatrace
Agent 6.5\\agent\\lib\\"

test is the agent group I created in my local client under a
new system profile. is the Demo 6.5 Collector IP

Appreciate if anyone can give me the list of properties to be edited in the config file.Thanks


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

If you downloaded the 64bit verson of easyTravel you need to load the 64bit agent which you can find in \agent\lib64. Give that a try