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End to end monitoring for applications interacting through MPLS connection

Hi All,

We have customer requirement to monitor a web application end to end which interacts to the back end system (Mainframe) through MPLS connection, including the transaction flow at the back end , will we be able to get the data from the dynatarce agents in the vendor system to the collector in the application network via MPLS ?



Hello Suganya,

I guess there should not be an issue to collect data from the the agents to the collector because, the AppMon Agents need to send the byte code of your applications to the Collector. To keep start-up times low, it is necessary to deploy at least one Collector in every location/data center that is connected to an AppMon Server.

So, if you are going to instrument your Mainframe then you should deploy a collector into that location especially to avoid the Firewall between agents and collector.

Only the considerable point will be the bandwidth from the remote collector to the APM Server. In typical scenarios, every 500 tps sent from a Collector to an AppMon Server contributes 8 MBit/sec (1 MByte/sec) of upstream bandwidth. The downstream is negligible in comparison. Using compression reduces this value by a factor of approximately 4.

Check the following link for the Collector and Network Bandwidth best practices: