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Enhancement request to check a sensor is capturing new method rule is working


When you create a sensor it is nice to check that you collect the expected data from the newly created sensor in a "simpler way" than today.

Today we have to go to for example Methods under Diagnostic Performance after creation and search for the method created in the sensor. If the method is not captured yet you have to refresh until it appear which of course is OK.

It would have been much more convenient to just right click on the created sensor rule and drill down directly to "methods" or "PurePaths" without having to find the menus your self and type the search criteria manually...


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Another option is to open the Agent Overview Dashlet, select your agent and switch to the "deployed sensors" tab. this shows you whehter your method has really been instrumented. Then it is really just a matter of the method being called which would make it show up in the PurePath and Methods dashlet.

Thanks for quick reply!

I agree regarding place to check deployed sensors- but even there you also have to manually search for it of course. So maybe an addition in my suggested right-click menu from the sensor should be a choice to see where it is successfully deployed as easy as well.

Another good reason for my suggestion to drilldown into methods and purepath is as I related to creat a measure. It will be easy to identify the related methods or purepaths. Then just rightclick on the method and choose create measure. Since measures and sensors are tight bond to eachother I expect it is often we will create measures at the same time or will consult the sensor from time to time to verify the correct parameters and so on are captured...

Totally agree with you. Now lets get some Up Votes on this one so that I can bring this to PMs attention for future releases