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Errors & Exceptions profiling


Hi All,

I'm working on an opportunity whereby they have loads of exceptions that are thrown with long error messages.  Contained within that error message is a unique id - like "DC011".  These exceptions regardless of the error message are grouped under the 'Unhandled Exceptions' category.  Once you click on that, you then get the breakdown in the table below and this lists all the unique error messages that has been seen.

What we would like to do is:

-Chart each individual error message to get the number over time - ie how many "DC011" errors have we seen.

-Provide the top 10 error messages - ie "DC011" was the highest, followed by "DC012" etc.

However, the charting options we have is to chart the whole of the "Unhandled exceptions" rather than each individual error message.  I've looked at creating an exception measure but that doesn't seem to provide this either.  The only option I can think of is to instrument their exception method (they have their own that is called when an error is thrown and this contains the error message as an argument) and then create a BT method sensor on it to get the the unique error code from the error message using a regex.  This can then be fed into a BT which can then split it based on that unique error code.  

Just wondering if I'm missing something obvious here with the errors dashlet but this is the only way I can think of to meet this objective!






It looks like you are looking at the Errors dashboard.  If that is correct, you can get more detail by right-clicking on the "Exceptions" heading and selecting Drill Down --> Exceptions.  That will give you more detail, including counts.

To get a report on just the most common exceptions, open a new dashboard (the third icon in the toolbar), click on add dashlet (the fourth icon on the toolbar) and double-click on Exceptions.  When the dashboard opens, right-click on the Exceptions tab and select "Edit Filter".  When the dialog box opens, go to the "Top X" tab and set whatever values you want, making sure to set the "Enable ratings-based filtering" check box.

To create a measure so you can charts exceptions, right-click on an exception on the Exceptions dashlet and select "Create measures ...".  You see that you have some options for counting exceptions individually or in groups (e.g., message fountains DC – or message contains DC10).  You can also create the measures from the system profile, if that's easier.

-- Graeme